Download HRM624 Conflict Management Midterm Solved Papers 2013

HRM624 VU Current Midterm Spring 2013 Papers

Total 32 Questions
28 Mcqs and 4 descriptive
2 questions of 3 marks
Q 1: reasons of loosing trust
Q 2: basic needs of human regarding conflict onion.
2 questions of 5 marks
Q:1 Mr ali keeping a record of mr bilal’s activities and report against him to the supervisor, supervisor knows their prior conflicts, now Mr ali is a hurdle in resoling the conflict, describe the kind of hurdle also in ur opinion how would you suggest the supervisor to reslove the issue.
IQ:2 In an organization, two people having conflict on work and have entirely differnd way of work, opposite suggestions ………………almost every thing opposite….hehheheh in your opinion, is this situation in favour or not in favour,justify.
sawal almost yehi thy just abb mery lafzoon main hain


Download HRM624 Conflict Management Midterm Past Papers

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