MGT503 Principles of Management Solved Assignment No.2

MGT503 Principles of Management Solved Assignment No.2

MGT503 Assignment


1) If someone is conducting the competitive analysis of the organization, which tool would you prefer him/her for competitive analysis? Justify your answer with rational.


Defining Competitive Analysis Criteria

As with any form of content analysis, you need to determine what your content goals are. Is the purpose of your competitive analysis to gain insights about branding? Information architecture? Accessibility? Usability? Define the analysis criteria that you will use to assess content. This will help you focus your assessments and ensure consistent evaluations between the websites you review.

Depending on your content goals, you may consider using any number of assessment criteria:

Content organization and navigation


Labeling and taxonomy

On-page content hierarchy

User task completion (usability testing)



Brand messaging


Content topics

Content types

Content delivery channels

Just like you want to keep your competitor list short and focused, you also want to keep your analysis-criteria list short and focused. While it’s tempting to gather more than fewer insights, the challenge becomes making use of those insights. The more focused your findings are, the more actionable your insights will be.


Charlie had the phd degree in management by which he was more proficient to make  business strategyies


at the intial stages of business ht e company had no strong contacts in the  market so he decided to do business with small wholesaler to penetrate in the  market.


Charlie saw that small wholesaler were unable to place order with large  organization.


Charlie was well aware that there is a lrge number of competitor in the market  so overcome this situation he constructed the toy town

2) From the given scenario, identify at least two competitive advantages of the company. Justify your answer with rational.


Competitive advantages:

decrease in the rivalry between competitors, chance for ABC to establish itself because many wholesalers are associated with the toy town, which decrease the no. of competitors in the market;

gain of market share, because ABC toys are a mega toy town, and its convenient for the consumers to shop at one place, therefore the market share of ABC toys is more than that of their competitors.

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